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Evaluations & Admissions

Help is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Rolling Hills provides free crisis evaluations and assessments. The evaluation and admission process at Rolling Hills Hospital is completely confidential. Patients may call us themselves or be referred by anyone, such as a friend or family member, hospital emergency department, nursing home or community organization. If you know someone who is suffering from behavioral health problems do not hesitate to call.    We are an authorized provider of Medicare, Medicaid through age 20, most insurance providers, CDIB/IHS and self-pay. Transportation can be provided for admissions and is dependent on availability and circumstances.

For admissions, please bring with you

  • Drivers license and/or Social Security card
  • Hospital records, including medical history, with diagnosis, laboratory reports, and radiology reports
  • List of current medications, along with the medications Medicare card, insurance card, etc., and Legal guardianship papers, if applicable

24/7 Assessment and Referral: 800-522-9505

Rolling Hills Hospital is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rolling Hills is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Oklahoma. Our screening and admission process is completely confidential. Rolling Hills also provides a free initial assessment if needed.

Rolling Hills Hospital is an authorized provider for Medicare, Medicaid through age 20 and over 65, most insurance providers, CDIB/IHS and self-pay.