Our Premier Psychiatric & Addiction Treatment Programs

As a leading provider of acute inpatient psychiatric services, Rolling Hills Hospital offers comprehensive treatment for people of all ages who are struggling with a myriad of mental health and chemical dependency concerns. With a variety of options for care and staff that facilitate individualized treatment planning that is tailored to meet each patient’s needs, the following programs are what makes Rolling Hills Hospital a premier treatment provider that has help countless people overcome the obstacles elicited by mental illnesses and substance abuse problems:

Rolling Hills Hospital in Ada, Oklahoma is proud to offer adolescent behavioral health services that are designed to stabilize young people who are battling emotional and behavioral concerns. Through the use of various therapeutic interventions and treatment modalities, the youth engaged in this program partake in different therapies, educational programming, and recreational activities that allow young people to leave our hospital and become functioning, successful members of the community.

Our adult psychiatric services are also designed to stabilize and improve the functioning of adults who are struggling with mental health issues, though this option for care is specifically designed for individuals aged 18 and older.

For adults who are in need of substance abuse services, Rolling Hills Hospital features adult chemical dependency and detoxification services that allow individuals over the age of 18 to safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol under the watchful eyes of our medical team and subsequently engage in traditional therapeutic interventions that foster lasting healing and recovery.

Adults of advanced age can also receive care at Rolling Hills via our geriatric psychiatric treatment program. Within this program, senior adults receive treatment for conditions unique to individuals who are elderly, including care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Medical professionals are also on hand in this program so that medical concerns can also be addressed.

To address the needs of those who are intellectually disabled, Rolling Hills in Ada provides care for this population throughout intellectually disabled treatment program. Emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, and adjustment concerns are addressed in this valuable option for care and those engaged in this program ultimately achieve enhanced skills for coping and beneficial support that allows these individuals to achieve newfound independence and safely return to their home, community residence, or other treatment setting.

Each of these programs affords patients the opportunity to partake in individual, group, family, and recreational therapies. Additionally, each patient, regardless of the program, has access to qualified staff and can receive medication management services with our team of psychiatrists who specialize in treating a number of mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders.

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