Meth-Related Deaths on the Rise in Oklahoma

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The abuse of methamphetamines is still rampant in certain parts of the United States, with areas like Ada, Oklahoma being hit especially hard. As lawmakers work to try to combat this dangerous trend, a change in legislation in the last several years put strict regulations on the amount of over-the-counter medications containing the drug pseudoephedrine someone could purchase in Oklahoma at one time.

Initially, this new law helped lower the rate at which individuals were abusing meth in places like Pontotoc County, because they were no longer able to secure the substance from meth labs who relied on the availability of pseudoephedrine to “cook” the drug.

But sadly, the pseudoephedrine shortage then caused more meth users to begin using a dangerous method known as “shake and bake” to concoct small amounts of the toxic substance on their own. So while the number of meth labs operating in Oklahoma significantly declined, many meth-dependent men and women were still finding ways to acquire and consume their substance of choice.

The Cartel Problem

In spite of measures that have been taken which make it more difficult for Oklahomans to secure meth from a local lab, more residents of the state are dying from causes related to the drug than ever before.

This shocking statistic is due to the fact that Mexican drug cartels are pumping meth into the state in unprecedented quantities. So while less meth is being cooked in Oklahoma, other sources outside the country are making the drug incredibly accessible.

Mexican law makers have attempted to curb this problem, and in recent years there was a brief lull in the amount of Mexican-produced methamphetamines available when the government banned certain substances that the cartels were using to manufacture the drug. But distribution regained momentum when the Mexican cartels began importing meth from Asia, and then subsequently bringing it into the United States.

In Search of Solutions

The influx of illicit substances has had a costly impact on Oklahoma due to the uptick in need for health services and substance abuse treatment, as well as an increase in criminal activity associated with meth use.

Some cite the lack of government-funded treatment centers as a key barrier to improving the rates of meth abuse in cities like Ada, where long waiting lists for these programs can make it seem like accessing critical services like detox and residential care will never be an option for some.

Fortunately, quality treatment centers do exist in Oklahoma, and are available to help you or a loved one overcome the battle with meth abuse. With the proper services and supports in place, men and women who have struggled to end their dependence on methamphetamines and other drugs can go on to reclaim the healthy, vibrant life they deserve.

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