Our Admissions Process

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What To Expect When You Call

Rolling Hills customer intake associates are available 24/7 to respond to calls and to ensure each person is linked with the appropriate Rolling Hills professional. Whether the caller is a family member, an individual in crisis, or a professional wanting to refer a patient for evaluation, a Rolling Hills intake and admissions clinician is available to help. All of our intake clinicians are skilled in handling crisis calls, in providing detailed information regarding community services, and in coordinating an evaluation or admission with a referring practitioner. Additionally, Rolling Hills understands the importance of managing the details involved in admitting someone to an inpatient facility. This is why the admissions team oversees coordination between the referral sources, insurance companies, community providers, and the family. Reducing the stress and complications of seeking acute care is the team’s ultimate goal.

Intake and Evaluation Process

All crisis and risk assessments are conducted on-site and in local emergency rooms, with one of our intake clinicians. When necessary they will work with the referring practitioner to ensure the behavioral health issues of the individual have been addressed. Rolling Hills intake clinicians specialize in crisis intervention services and have the ability to readily assess the level of care needed for each patient. Each one our intake team members brings years of experience in the behavioral health field has a vast knowledge of community services and is sensitive to persons in crisis as well as their need for a prompt and effective resolution.

Admission to Rolling Hills Hospital

Those who are being admitted to one of our inpatient programs can be assured that the intake and admissions specialists will coordinate all the necessary details of admission. Once the intake call and evaluation have been made one of our physicians will review the information to determine if you meet our admission criteria. The following is our criteria for admission into Rolling Hills:

  • Severe disturbance of mental functioning
  • Significant weight loss/gain not attributed to a medical condition
  • Mental disorder refractory to a thoroughly documented effort at aggressive outpatient or partial hospitalization
  • Toxic effects of therapeutic psychotropic drugs
  • Co-occurring depression, psychosis or behavioral disorder associated with dementia
  • Detoxification and intensive addictive disease rehabilitation in a psychiatric context

If you meet our admission criteria the admission process will begin immediately. If you do not meet our criteria we will provide you with referrals for other treatment options in the community.

We feel like we got our daughter back after she received treatment at Rolling Hills. The doctors and staff took great care of her.

– Former Patient's Parents