Oklahoma Drug Take-Back Programs are Helping Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

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The prescription painkiller epidemic has affected countless communities across the United States, and in the state of Oklahoma the impact has been felt deeply in places like Ada and Pontotoc County.

Throughout the nation, law enforcement officials and public health agencies are working together to find ways to curb the abuse of opioids. Most people are aware of the dangers of illicit substances, such as heroin, but the abuse of painkillers and other prescription medications have become shockingly common with doctors writing more prescriptions for opioids than ever before.

Because of the heightened prevalence of these drugs, new programming is being crafted to help limit access to these substances in the home, with new options for disposing of these medications safely.

An Alternative for Disposal

In years past, most people thought nothing of flushing old or unwanted medications down the drain or toilet. But this practice proved to have a damaging impact on the environment, most notably on the water supply, and is therefore no longer recommended.

Additionally, it was once common to toss old medicines in the trash, but this practice has also proved to have negative results, allowing substances of abuse to fall into the hands of children, animals, and individuals who are specifically searching through waste items for substances of abuse.

Fortunately, there are now options to dispose of old, expired, or unwanted mediations in a much safer manner. Walgreens pharmacies are now offering drug disposalkiosks in many locations in Oklahoma and throughout the country. These kiosks allow for safe, anonymous disposal of substances that could be abused at convenient locations, and it is believed that these programs and other similar initiatives are helping to keep harmful drugs out of the home, and lessening the chance that individuals may use them inappropriately.

Further, state sponsored and federal drug take-back programs are providing similar services, and allowing residents to dispose of substances of abuse without worrying about the involvement of law enforcement. Some areas are even offering permanent drop-off locations like the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office and the Ada Police Department.

A Brighter Future: Reducing the Stigma

By bringing the issue of prescription drug abuse into the light, drug take-back programs are helping to reduce the stigma that is sadly often attached to addiction.

Preventative education and comprehensive treatment for substance abuse are both needed to help combat the damage that chemical dependence has caused in communities throughout Oklahoma, and fortunately, there is greater access to support for issues of substance abuse than ever before.

To learn more about options for safe drug disposal in your community, you can consult the state’s drug take-back location tool on the Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau website. And if you or someone you care about is struggling with a dependence on prescription painkillers, know that there is help available.

Begin researching options for treatment in your area, and reach out to those that seem like a good fit for you or your loved one. By acting now, you can access the care you need to overcome chemical dependence once and for all.

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